The Wildest Blackpool Sluts I’ve Seen at Paradise!

Are Blackpool sluts as wild as their reputation makes out? This confession from one of our MILF regulars reveals the truly sticky answer!

As a recently divorced woman in my mid-forties, I quickly began making up for lost time with my sex life and was keen to explore as much kink and fun as I could after missing out on so much during my mundane married life.

Firstly, my journey towards sexual liberation began by indulging in a variety of adult content.

But, being new to the whole industry, I had to rely on trusted porn review sites to help me navigate my way through the brave new world of the adult industry. Things have changed a lot since the porn of my era!

Casual dating did the trick for a while, but I soon ended up transitioning to sites like OnlySwingers to cut out the drinks and dinners and get straight down to fucking.

But, after a while, I soon found that one or two dicks to ride simply weren’t enough, and I ended up eyeing up a visit to a swingers club.

I attended a few parties that were hit-and-miss when I was finding my feet, but when I found the Paradise Hotel in Blackpool, I knew it was to become my favourite swinging venue.

Aside from the wild sex on offer at every party, not to mention the awesome atmosphere and great people, the Paradise Hotel has been a source of inspiration for me as I move forward in my journey to become a sexually-liberated woman.

You see, I was brought up in a posh market town in the South of England and surrounded by upper-class, sexually repressed women. But in Blackpool, the class of female swingers I encountered were more debauched than any I’d ever met.

The self-described Blackpool sluts have taught me more lessons in sex than I ever could have imagined. Here are some of the wildest things I’ve seen them do at the Hotel Paradise!

Karaoke Sex

The party nights at Paradise are renowned amongst swingers across England, and their karaoke nights even more so. But one night in particular stuck with me forever.

Two Blackpool sluts took to the stage and began reeling off songs so well, that other swinger karaoke contestants were jokingly claiming it wasn’t fair to compete against such professionals.

Seriously, these girls were good! So it was agreed that we levelled the playing field. As they sang each of their songs, they bent over in Doggystyle as other swingers took to the stage to try and make them cum as they sang, whether by fucking them or playing with their pussies.

The highlight of the night was a MILF swinger making one of the girls squirt all over the stage just as Phil Collin’s song “In The Air Tonight” kicked into action!

Gloryhole Cleanup

As you may or may not know, the Paradise Hotel has its own Gloryhole booth embedded in its BDSM dungeon. One time, I remember two Blackpool sluts continuously occupying the booth all night.

But one girl, in particular, spent over 1.5 hours inside as a flood of male partygoers continuously had their dicks in the hole.

When she finally came out to get a drink from the bar, she was an absolute mess of cum from head to toe. But this Blackpool slut had a filthy idea to clean herself up.

“Whoever is brave enough to lick me clean from head to toe gets a round of drinks on me!” She shouted across the bar.

Needless to say, there was a long line of willing cleaners, both male and female, ready to lick her spotless.

The GILF Nymphomaniac

The thing I love about swinging is that there is little prejudice regarding the upper age limit. Paradise is a prime example of this and welcomes all couples over the age of 18.

One time, I fondly remember a woman in her early 70s who still had a body to die for and turned everyone’s heads when she came in.

Despite her age, she had the sexual energy of a 19-year-old and wasted no time in heading to the hotel’s orgy room to take as many men on as she could.

From 18-year-old lads full of bravado to highly-experienced middle-aged swingers, this nympho GILF chewed them up and spat them out.

This insatiable mature slut was fucking all night, only leaving the relentless orgy to refuel at the bar and scout out new potential lovers.

In Summary? Blackpool Sluts Are on Another Level!

I hope my humble confessions from my visits to the Paradise Hotel have given you an idea of some of the debauchery you can find within and how Blackpool sluts can rock your world!

I adore the level of sexual liberation the women in this seaside party town show, as well as the moniker of “Blackpool slut” they proudly wear like a badge of honour.

Plus, the cherry on the cake of the town is that it’s home to such a sexually liberated hotel as Paradise.

The hotel provides a warm, welcoming, and safe hotel environment for people like us to relax and be ourselves.

Until next time, Blackpool! I can’t wait to see what this wild town and the naughty rooms within the Paradise Hotel have in store for me!



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