My First Real Gloryhole Experience At The Paradise Sex Hotel

So, before I confess my first real Gloryhole sex experience, I suppose I should start by introducing myself, shouldn’t I? My name’s Natalie. I’m 20 and from the South of England.

Recently, whilst staying at the Paradise sex hotel in Blackpool, I was able to live out one of my all-time porn fantasies. Today, I want to share the story with you all.

Truth be told, I had no idea the UK even had sex hotels. I thought they were only in places like Amsterdam or Berlin.

But whilst browsing through Only Swingers for a casual hookup, I couldn’t believe what I saw when I discovered the profile of the Paradise sex hotel in Blackpool.

I did further research through respected international sex guides to ensure everything was legit and saw that they even had a real Gloryhole booth!

You see, I’ve always been extremely sexually active and loved nothing more than playing with myself to a marathon of online porn.

But one thing that really made me wet was Gloryhole sex. I just loved the anonymity of it all, the sleaziness, and the ability for girls and guys to let go whilst inside the booth.

Little did I know that after contacting the Paradise Hotel to book a room, I’d be living out my Gloryhole fantasies in less than a week as I prepared to attend one of their notorious swinging parties.

Through The Gates of Paradise: Inside The Blackpool Swinger’s Hotel

Honestly, I had no idea what I would find inside the hotel. I’m sexually experienced for my age, but I was naturally nervous.

Surely the people here are sexual veterans, I thought to myself, I wondered if I’d be made to feel welcome, but as soon as the door opened, my worries were cast aside in seconds.

I’d been welcomed inside by Steve and Sandy, the hotel’s warm and friendly owners. They’ve been swinging for decades and really know their stuff.

I saw a huge orgy room to my right and a leather group sex room nearby, too. The BDSM dungeon was still being prepared for the night ahead.

The party was in full swing, and I was invited to the booming bar in the hotel. The atmosphere was incredible, and the swingers inside were amazingly friendly.

Karaoke, naughty party games, and lots of other fun really put me at ease. But then, a conversation with a group of swingers really transformed the night.

“So…” I said awkwardly whilst sipping my drink, “one thing I’ve always wanted to try is a real-life Gloryhole”

“Look, love!” a busty swinging MILF said whilst taking me by the hand, “fantasies shouldn’t be a fantasy; they should be a reality!”

She led me into the now-open BDSM dungeon, where nestled in the corner was a jet-black Gloryhole booth.

It was now or never; I stepped inside, sat on a red leather stool, and locked the door. I had no idea what was coming. My heart was racing, and my pussy leaked all over the stool.

“Everyone, just to let you know, the Gloryhole’s occupied by a particularly horny girl who’s new to the scene. Don’t let her down, now!” I heard the swinging MILF shout as she returned to the bar.

My Real Gloryhole Story Begins

The light on the other side of the Gloryhole was blocked out as a meaty, veiny cock came sliding through.

Here, there was no judgement, no shame, just pure pleasure and debauchery. I slid my soft lips over his member in seconds and found my lips pressing against the Gloryhole wall. I was so hungry for cock.

He began pumping furiously, using my throat like an anonymous sex toy as I rubbed my pussy ferociously.

“Shit… I’m gonna cum, love! I’m cumming!” the random guy on the other side shouted.

It was so nice of him to warn me, but I was living my fantasy out here; there were no half-measures. I pressed my lips against his balls as he flooded my stomach with cum.

“Fuck… She’s good, guys!” I heard him say as he returned to the bar.

From that moment came an onslaught of dicks. Mostly two at a time through the multiple holes in the Gloryhole booth.

Between the jets of cum and the juices from my pussy, I was almost sliding off the red leather stool inside. I’d sucked so many cocks; I’d lost count of how many.

Then, things changed a little. In the elongated hole, mostly used for fucking, a swinger woman pressed her butt against it leaving her perfect pussy fitted in the middle.

I’d never been with a woman before, but I couldn’t resist and buried my face in her anonymous pussy and sucked her clit until she orgasmed down the wall of the Gloryhole.

It sent me crazy. Now seeing what the elongated hole was for, I directed the last cock of the night to it and slid my wanting pussy over it until my pussy lips tickled his balls.

It’s crazy, but it was one of the hardest fucks I’d ever had, and it was through a wall! He pumped me so hard I could hardly speak; I just wailed as I came the hardest I’d cum all night.

Afterwards, I touched up my makeup in the bathroom, but my cum-stained outfit was beyond repair. Returning to the bar, I was welcomed back with open arms, and nobody spoke about the Gloryhole.

The taboo feeling was incredible. Looking around at all of these swingers, I had no idea who amongst them I’d just serviced in the Gloryhole. It was so naughty!

UK Gloryhole Sex: The Morning After

I woke up in my warm, cosy bed at the Paradise Hotel to the sound of seagulls and the smell of fresh coffee being brewed downstairs.

But even stronger was the scent of Gloryhole sex that stuck to me. It had been one of the wildest nights of my life, and the smell of cum and sexual passion just brought it all back.

My fingers slid down my damp panties and rubbed my well-fucked pussy wildly as my other hand stroked my cum-soaked body and squeezed my plump tits tightly.

I couldn’t hold back, I tried to bite my lip, but I wailed like a banshee as I came violently all over my bed. Usually, I’d be mortified, but this was a swingers hotel; anything goes here.

I was still bucking my hips in the throes of orgasm, craving a meaty dick or a slick woman’s tongue to keep me going. Then, there was a knock on the door.

“You woke my hubby and me up!” a woman’s voice said through the door. “Why don’t you come to our room, and the three of us wake the whole floor up?”

I unlocked the door and headed to their room. But that’s a story for another day; stay tuned!

Also, a final note, attending a Gloryhole for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. So I advise reaching out to qualified sex industry consultants as I did beforehand to get the most out of your experience. x



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